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Why Spelling Clubs?

Why do we need Spelling Clubs?

Learners, at school, focus on 10 to 20 vocabulary words a week. This extrapolates to an average of 500 words a year; and 6,000 through the primary and secondary school years.

For college prep, learners need to know 20,000 words. Even a Junior Dictionary lists 40,000 words.
Thus, there is a learning gap that costs parents thousands as children cram and stress over college entrance exams.
The TEARN Solution

TEARN provides spelling clubs to accelerate early stage learning.
  • The lesson plans target 3,000 supplemental words per year, or 1,500 per course per semester.
  • Words are grouped by rhyme to show patterns and exceptions by sound. Learners receive weekly words as online games and worksheets to make learning fun and easy.
  • Words are separated by syllables and complexity - so that even first graders can get an early start on improved spelling. Early learning leads to confident reading that reinforces word knowledge.
  • The courses are supervised by volunteers; and thus affordable. Weekly after-school spelling bees motivate learning among peers.
To get started, volunteer to supervise a club. Choose one of the following:
  • Ms. Smith has created the My First Series for preschool, kindergarden, and G1-3 learners.
  • Aunt Beev has created the four-course Spelling Series for G4-6 and G7-12 learners.

TEARN welcomes other spelling clubs, such as:

  • Words by subject
  • Bible study words
  • Words for ESL students
  • High frequency words by grade

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My First Series

The My First Series of lessons and lesson plans include:

  • What Starts With ... - This course presents over 300 colorful worksheets and 60 online games for learning the alphabet and basic phonics.

  • I Can Rhyme - This course presents over 1,500 simple words organized by long or short vowels - combined with ending rhymes. Learners can choose from over 1,500 worksheets and 60 online games.

A weekly spelling contract guides learning of spelling and vocabulary.

- by Ms. Smith

Grade: Preschool, Kindergarden, Grade 1-3
Subject: The Alpahbet, Phonics and Simple Words